This is a personal guide of Paris. A place where I tell you about the places that I find myself going back to more than once, the kind of places that satisfy my expectations in terms of quality, novelty or authenticity. I’m also taking into consideration that what is considered good in Paris isn’t necessarily what I would like to recommend. Having lived in the Bay Area, California for 11 years I noticed that what is considered good sushi or good Mexican food here in Paris, for example, isn’t necessarily up to my American experience and expectations of such foods. On the other hand there are some places here that won’t find their equal in quality anywhere else.

The main approach for this guide is geographical. What there is to check out, visit, shop for or eat when in a specific area. Wouldn’t you be disappointed if you realized at the end of your day that you walked right by one of the best pastry shops in the city and totally missed it? What if you crossed the whole city to get to a specific restaurant and after lunch found yourself wandering the streets of that neighborhood wondering what else is there to see? Each blog entry comes with a map with pinpointed locations of anything worthy of attention and all of the relevant information (addresses, opening hours, phone numbers…) and icons for easy reading.

Also, I want to help visitors with practical advice such as how to use a Velib, where to get your Navigo pass, where to find discounted tickets for a show, who to call if you want a relaxing massage, where to find a taylor that will make all of your pants fit like a glove…

Paris isn’t cheap and some of the places I mention in this blog will definitely illustrate that, but there are many ways to go by without spending too much. Or even better, without spending anything. There is such a thing as free Paris, whether it is for housing, cultural activities or sports. Paris has a lot to offer all year around, if you are planning a trip here do not hesitate to email me with any specific questions you may have that are not answered in this guide.