Deyrolle: Your Parisian Taxidermist.

Deyrolle: Your Parisian Taxidermist.

Opened since 1831, Deyrolle’s taxidermy activity was originally oriented toward pedagogical purposes, but facing an ever growing interest in stuffed animals as ornamental object, Deyrolle now sells or rents its animals for movie sets, window displays or special events. Fast forward to the second floor and enter a succession of rooms full of stuffed animals from the Savanna, file cabinets and their drawers exhibiting boxes of butterflies, spiders, scarabs, moths and many more natural wonders, all in a natural sciences museum-like atmosphere. Check out the marvelous cabinets with there shells, bright red corals and stuffed birds behind glass, on your way to the book section of the store where you’ll find beautiful 19th century botanical illustration boards for sale among many great books. The first floor is dedicated to Le Prince Jardinier, a store specializing in gardening tools and picnic accessories. My favorite item of theirs is the vintage metal chair from the gardens of Paris, the same ones you find in the Luxembourg, Palais Royal or Tuileries gardens. Once too old to serve the gardens, Le Prince Jardinier recycles them and gives them a second life.
(Adam Gopnik, writer for the New Yorker, talks about Deyrolle in his book Paris to the Moon.)

46 Rue du Bac
75007 Paris
Metro: Rue du Bac

M-Sat: 10am-7pm (Closed from 1pm-2pm on Monday)
Closed on Sunday.

Also closed on August 3, 2009, from August 10-19, 2009, August 24, 2009.