For cocktails in Paris go to Le China bar

For cocktails in Paris go to Le China bar

Where can I get good cocktails in Paris? That is the question. Feeling like sipping on a dry Martini or a Lemon Mint Julep? A Rum Old Fashioned or a Side Car? Definitely check out Le China in Paris. I personally really enjoyed their Cosmopolitan. The fruit and juices they use for their cocktails are FRESH! It is also a restaurant that serves Chinese food—not straight up Chinese because it has some Thaï and Vietnamese flavors added to the mix. Remember, this is France after all… You can order dim sum and egg rolls as well as a beef lemongrass salad or a caramelized pork dish. The restaurant serves brunch on the weekend. Le China also has a space for live music in the basement called Le China Club. And last but not least there’s a cool little place on the first floor called Le Fumoir, a lovely area where you can sip cognac or drink tea and munch on Asian food while playing chess or backgammon.

Le China
50 Rue de Charenton
75012 Paris
Metro: Ledru-Rollin, Bastille

M-Sat: 6pm-2am (dinner served from 7.45pm-12am)
Sun: 12pm-2pm