Maison POS, Paris: Daily deliveries of fresh, seasonal organic food.

Maison POS, Paris: Daily deliveries of fresh, seasonal organic food.

Maison POS in Paris is a tiny food store that opened in December 2010. It has a small selection of seasonal and organic produce (if not organic it is pesticide-free) as well as some carefully selected dairy products (cheeses and yogurts), charcuterie, wines and ciders. Maison POS in Paris buys directly from the producers and chooses to buy in small amounts to get a quick turnaround of their products, thus ensuring their freshness. Maison POS makes a big pot of soup every day (flavor of the day on their black board) and it is sold to go with some organic bread. They sell oysters on the weekend!

Maison POS
90 Rue de Charonne
75011 Paris
Metro: Charonne

M: 5pm-9.30pm
Tu-F: 11am-2.30pm / 5pm-9.30pm
Sat: 10.30am-2pm / 5pm-9pm
Sun: 1pm-2.30pm / 5pm-9pm

40/60 (40X60) Pizza In Teglia: Gourmet Pizza in Paris.

40/60 (40X60) Pizza In Teglia: Gourmet Pizza in Paris.

Attention, pas plus de 150°C!” (Be careful, not more than 150°C!) the man exclaimed when I told him I’d warm up his pizza (which could be mistaken for a foccacia) for a later lunch that day. Yep, you don’t want to mess with their food!
Baked on a 40x60 cm sheet, the rectangular pizzas are sold by the slice. Vegetarian or not, the toppings are delicious and abundant, and the dough excellent; the restaurant is cosy and tastefully designed, and the two men who own the place make a very charming French-Italian team.
The seating is limited and the place quite popular so be ready to order your food to go (there are quite a few parks in the neighborhood in case the place is full.) Also, the restaurant can be rented for private parties during week nights.
You know how Italians are: If the food isn’t good they won’t it eat it. Well, 40/60 (40X60) is full of Italians.

44 rue Trousseau
75011 Paris
Metro: Ledru-Rollin, Faidherbe-Chaligny

Tu-Sat: 12pm-3pm / 7pm-11pm
Closed on Monday

Blé Sucré: A must-try pastry shop in Paris.

Blé Sucré: A must-try pastry shop in Paris.

The first thing that amazed me when I walked in Blé Sucré in Paris was the beautiful pastries. The second thing was how cheap everything was. After having worked at luxury hotels such as Le Bristol and the Plaza Athénée in Paris, or the Hotel Martinez in Cannes, Fabrice Le Bourdat opened his own bakery/pastry shop in Paris and named it Blé Sucré (sweet wheat). Blé Sucré is a high end pastry shop with very sweet prices—a first in Paris. The morning pastries at Blé Sucré are a must—the pain au chocolat (chocolat croissant) has been voted the best one in Paris. I have to say that their chausson aux pommes (apple turnover) and pain aux raisins (raisin roll) are as good as they can get. Those are the morning pastries you want to experience when you come to France, the kind that will never taste as good anywhere else. Blé Sucré has a few tables outside where you can eat your pastries or have lunch: the 6.60€ menu offers a sandwich, mini pizza or quiche, with a drink and a dessert (count 6€ for the food to go.) Or you can eat their sweets in the lovely square Trousseau just across the street from them.
The café-restaurant Le Square Trousseau, located a few doors down, serves their croissants and pain au chocolats for breakfast.

And while you are at Blé Sucré buying a morning pastry thinking about all the other things you could try in the bakery, please do ask for one more thing: a bag of madeleines and/or a bag of financiers. Trust me, if there’s a place where you should buy some madeleines and financiers in Paris it’s definitely there. One more thing: do not leave without trying their Raboliot bread—a decadently tender bread made with hazelnut flour, halzelnuts and raisins. It is so good that you will eat it like a pastry—you won’t leave any for later!

Blé Sucré
Square Trousseau
7 Rue Antoine Vollon
75012 Paris
Metro: Ledru-Rollin

Tu-Sat: 7am-7.30pm
Sun: 7am-1.30pm
Closed on Monday and in August.

L’Autre Boulange: voted #1 in Paris for its flan.

L’Autre Boulange: voted #1 in Paris for its flan.

L’Autre Boulange opened over 25 years ago, it is owned by a jovial man with a handlebar moustache who has always baked with organic flour and a traditional wood oven. The man loves his job and his flan has been voted number one in Paris. His pastries are reminiscent of your grandmother’s—the one who bakes with talent using basic ingredients and simple recipes. At L’Autre Boulange the pastries are consistently good—I think often of the Tarte Tatin there—and are very comforting. L’Autre Boulange also makes good sandwiches for under 5€; the rosbif (that is French for roast beef), pickled dill and mayo sandwich on corn bread is delicious. For 7,10€ you can get a sandwich+drink+dessert, a perfect lunch to eat in the Jardin de la Cité Prost right around the corner.

L’Autre Boulange
43 Rue de Montreuil
75011 Paris
Metro: Faidherbe-Chaligny

Tues-Fri: 7.30am-1.30pm / 3.30pm-7.30pm
Sat: 7.30am-1pm
Closed on Sunday, Monday and in August