Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Pavillon de l’Arsenal

A big lofty space exhibiting Paris’ past, present and future city planning and architectural projects. Drawings, photographs and models illustrating those projects from a regional scale, to the city, neighborhood and all the way down to the street one. Check out the temporary exhibitions on the 1st floor about Parisian houses, the haussmannian Paris or housing in Paris, and the News Gallery showcasing the latest trends in architecture.
Check out the museum’s library, the Bar à Journeaux. It focuses on Paris, it’s architecture and urban design. It is open to the public (free access) and offers books, trade papers, tabloids, periodicals, thematic dossiers and geographical reports.

Pavillon de l’Arsenal
21 Boulevard Morland
75004 Paris
Metro: Sully-Morland

Tues-Sat: 10.30am-6.30pm
Sun: 11am-7pm
Closed on Monday, January 1st.

Le Bar à Journeaux
Tues-Fri: 2pm-6.30pm
Entrance on the 2nd floor, via the exhibition hall.