Paris Museum Pass

Paris Museum Pass

First and foremost, know that a Paris Museum Pass DOES NOT offer free access to TEMPORARY exhibitions (except for the Musée des Arts Decoratifs). Also, a lot of Paris’ museums offer free access to their permanent collections.
That said, there’s nothing like having a Paris Museum Pass when you decide to visit some of the most touristy places in Paris such as the Louvre museum (5.7 million/year), the Centre Georges Poupidou (also called Beaubourg—5.5 million/year) or the Château de Versailles (2.8 million/year). I won’t mention the Eiffel tower that beats all records simply because the Paris Museum Pass is of no use there (for my idea on how to go up the Eiffel tower without waiting for two hours in line go read my blog entry on this subject.)

The Paris Museum Pass offers free access to over 60 places (in and out of Paris) while avoiding the lines, for as many times as you want during the length of the pass. The Paris Museum Pass is activated on your first visit for however many consecutive days it is valid for (2, 4 or 6).
Who wants to wait up to 45 minutes in line (sometimes in the cold rain) to get into a museum? Being able to skip the line can be priceless. Using your pass for only one entry instead of two or more, such as for the Château de Versailles visit (15€), can be worth it.
The Paris Museum Pass offers three options:
2-day pass for 30€ (if you visit only 2 sites over two days without the pass it will cost you less than 30€ but you might spend a lot of time waiting in line.)
4-day pass for 45€
6-day pass for 60€

Before buying a pass, know that most Paris museums and monuments are free:
-for people under 18
-the first Sunday of the month (all year long or for certain months only)
When you decide to activate your pass, keep in mind that those museums and monuments close during the week on certain days (usually Monday or Tuesday) and during some holidays such as January 1st and May 1st.
In some cases you might not be given privileged access for security reason (i.e: the towers of Notre-Dame) or still have to get in line to get a “free admission” ticket.
Once bought, the Paris Museum Pass will not be taken back or exchanged. And NO refund of one or more days or extension will be granted in case of exceptional closure (i.e: a strike… you are in France after all) of a museum or monument!

For more information about the pass check out the Paris Museum Pass website.
Here’s the list of locations where to buy the Paris Museum Pass (online, in Paris, at the airports or abroad).
And here’s the list (by name, by theme or by geographical zone) of museums and monuments the Paris Museum Pass gives you access to.
Also, the Paris Museum Pass website has practical information (opening hours, maps…) for every museums and monuments it offer access to.