Au Bon Pho: authentic pho in Paris.

Au Bon Pho: authentic pho in Paris.

Located a few blocks away from the Beaubourg Museum, Au Bon Pho restaurant serves authentic and delicious food. The pho (7,50 €) is served with beef and tripe (as is traditional) and while the Asian customers will have it that way, the owner knows that most French people would prefer their soup without tripe and it is perfectly fine to ask for your pho without it. As for the bun bo (7,50 €), never before have I had such a generous portion of meat, and the perfectly cooked vermicelli was particularly enjoyable. Since papaya salad was on the menu we had to order it and it was better than expected: we asked for “really spicy” and that’s what we got, not the toned-down spicy-for-the-French. It also had plenty of that great strong fishy sauce, the kinda-good, kinda-bad fish sauce that Asian people love but westerners tend to frown at in large amounts. At Au Bon Pho restaurant, the cooks are dressed up in lab coats and hairnets, the walls are pink, the Asian customers are rowdy—it’s a lively place. The owner, a charming and talkative Laotian man who’s been living in France for the past 30 years, takes great care of his customers while still figuring out how to manage the growing number of patrons. Au Bon Pho opened in early March 2009, and serves all day seven days a week. For now.

Au Bon Pho
22 Rue au Maire
75003 Paris
Metro: Arts et Metiers

M-Sun: 11am-11pm

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