Lapeyronie: where to buy your coffee beans (and tea) in Paris.

Lapeyronie: where to buy your coffee beans (and tea) in Paris.

For French people American coffee is often associated with weak coffee (I guess those people have not tried a black cup of coffee from either Starbucks or Peet’s) while Americans associate French coffee with bad bitter espresso drinks served at cafés. While one might find both to be accurate it is nice to know that it is possible to find good coffee in France and strong coffee (do I have to mention good?) in the United States. An American French roast is actually darker than a French French roast, and coffee isn’t served as strong in France as it is across the Atlantic.
And for all the latté/capuccino drinkers I have yet to find a place in France where they get as crafty with the foam as our American baristas.

All the beans at Lapeyronie are 100% arabica. The shop offers three different types of coffee:
1) the “grands crus” such as the Ethiopian Moka Sidamo or Harrar, the Jamaican Bleu Mountain or the Kenya A.A
2) the single origins such as the Ebano Verde from the Dominican Republic, the Katchalu from Colombia or the Yrgasheffe from Ethiopia
3) the blends that are a mix of 3 to 5 different beans.

A lot of the coffees are fair trade, with a good selection of organic beans and a chemical-free decaffeinated Colombian beans (Swiss water process.) Lapeyronie sells coffees from small producers and supports sustainable plantations. You can lend a helping hand by purchasing high quality coffee cultivated by a co-op of 2000 small Rwandan producers who’ve been slowly and courageously trying to rebuild their lives since the 1994 genocide. You’ll pay about 4,25€/250g for the Moka Sidamo, or 4,50€/250g for a single origin organic Colombian bean. Located right next to the Beaubourg Museum, Lapeyronie also serves coffee and tea.

Quartier de l’Horloge
9 Rue Brantôme
75003 Paris
Metro: Rambuteau

M-F: 8.30am-7.30pm
Sat: 10am-7.30pm
Closed on Sunday

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